Actually ADHD

Terminology: "ADD" became part of "ADHD" with the DSM-IV (we are now up to V).

What this is: If you have (or think you have) ADHD, this is a place for you to get support, to get your questions answered, and to share your stories.

There is no judgment here. That doesn't mean we think whatever people do is just fine and totally okay, but it does mean that whatever you may have done in the past does not mean you are a horrible person. We will not shun you for your past. We try to meet you where you are at and encourage you to make your best decisions going forward.

We do not think that ADHD is a gift, we do think that it is a disability, though we also can see some positives to the condition. If you disagree with that you can share your opinion; we aren't only for people who agree with our view. We are working on a FAQ about the blog and about ADHD.

A quick note on pronouns, gender, etc. As much as possible, we use inclusive language. When it is not possible, we revert to gendered terms such as "girl," "woman," "boy," and "man." (Please see About page for more on this.)

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Obligatory disclaimer: We are not doctors of any kind.Please talk to your doctor about side effects, about your concerns, about taking supplements, about stopping medication, about taking breaks from medication, about anything to do with medication. We are not licensed medical professionals, and even if we were, it would be illegal for us to give medical advice over the internet. Your safety is important, so please look after yourself, do your research, and talk to your doctor about your medication.

If you have any kind of medical emergency, this is not the place to ask for help. If you accidentally took too much of your medication, please call poison control, 911, your pharmacist, or your doctor, or go to the hospital.

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Feel Good Friday

Anonymous’s Submission

We’re siblings. I have the innatentive ADHD, he the hyperactive one. It’s good to share a disability! Our parents are ableist but we’re quick to support each other. They’ll be like, oh you lazy shit and I’ll be like NO he’s got ADHD and by doing x things he can progress at school. They’re pretty lost at what to do. I’m glad I lived long enough to help them. I used to think that those things were common knowledge… guess I still have a lot to learn too. Yay disabilities! Yay ADHD!

We’ll do it again next Friday. Please feel free to reblog and discuss how you experience the things people are talking about in this post. Do you also find them helpful or at least “not horrible”? If you think of something between now and Friday, please send it in and mark it for FGF!


ADHD is:
remembering to set out your
-pen, pencil, and eraser
-tin with meds, cough drops, bandaids
-phone, iPod and headphones
-bus money
-outfit (including stockings and garters)
the night before the career fair

BUT forgetting to move your house keys from your backpack to your messenger bag.

mooselady asked
My name is Kat. I am 19 years old and was diagnosed with ADD by my doctor. I am starting a new medication tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous. Along with that, I have depression, anxiety, and BPD. I was wondering if there are any other tumblr blogs I could follow concerning ADD/ADHD? I follow yours and I'm very appreciative of the help it's offered me.

We have a few listed in our “Online Resources” page, and I’m sure others will be happy to respond with their URLs!

As always, if anyone would like to be listed in our Online Resources or knows of a good web site we haven’t listed yet, please let us know!


Followers, what are your favourite ADHD Tumblrs?

Anonymous asked
My brother has ADHD and apparently it runs in the family but I'm scared to get a diagnosis. Always struggled with math and spelling. My friends seem to think that my overall state is getting worse though. Especially my mom bc she shops with me and it can take hours for me to make a decision between what is "the right thing to get between a thousand." This even annoys me to where a simple trip for food takes hours. Literally. Should I get tested? Do you think I might have ADHD?

I don’t know if you have ADHD but you could have a learning disorder that’s affecting your spelling and math. I think it’s worth it to get assessed because if you do get diagnosed correctly you can then access appropriate treatment for whatever condition you have and that will probably help you a lot.


Anonymous asked
I fidget a lot and it really helps to have something in my hands. I used to have this necklace i made out of legos that spun but i lost it (go figure :/ ) but anyways do you have any alternatives for that. I really want a fidget ring but my parents arent on board with me really so they would say no if i asked. what else could i do?

Slinkies are my favourite and you can get them at the dollar store! :)

What about a cord and some beads that you can spin on the cord? You can get that sort of thing at the dollar store too, in the craft section.


Followers, what ideas do you have?

Anonymous asked
How possible is it to have ADHD and another mental disorder (bipolar, depression, etc.) at the same time? I'm asking because I think I'm experiencing some symptoms of depression and I'm kinda scared.

It is very common to have both ADHD and a mood disorder. If you think you might be developing depression, please talk to your doctor about how you’re feeling and see what they can do for you. They might want to refer you for an assessment, and that’s okay. If you have a psychiatrist, just talk to them directly. Depression can often be successfully treated with medication or with talk therapy, though a combination of the two seems to work best.


Anonymous asked
I wanted to ask if panicking when surrounded by large amounts of noise, specifically a large amount of talking people, was common to people with ADHD? I have it and this happens to me. Just wondering whether it's a common symptom or if it's even part of it. An oddity is that it only happens like when too many people are talking at once or when people are arguing, while I have no trouble say in my schools lunchroom and large crowds don't bother me too much.

This happens to me and I think it’s because it can be difficult to know who to listen to when everyone is talking at once or when there is arguing. It can be really overwhelming. I also usually do okay in large crowds like at the mall, but sometimes it gets to be too much and that’s due to sensory processing stuff.


Followers, how about you?

Anonymous asked
for quite some time i haven't been able to concentrate on anything much. i hate reading, writing and learning (all stuff i used to love doing) because it was really hard for me to focus and i'd just end up wasting time on the internet. a few months ago, i tried telling my mother, but she thinks there's nothing wrong due to my grades never rly going down. i think i have adhd, but i don't know how to go about it. i want to go to uni, but i feel like i'll just fail and waste my time. any advice?

Honestly, it sounds to me like you might be depressed. You’ve lost interest in doing things you really enjoy doing, and depression can cause difficulty with attention. I’m not sure how old you are, but you might want to talk to your doctor about how you’re feeling and see if you can get a referral for an assessment by someone who is experienced with both ADHD and depression.


Anonymous asked
What do u know about the ADHD patch? I'm currently on 40mg of Vyvanse, but it causes a racing heartbeat and dry mouth. I'm looking for other options and started wondering if the patch would be right for me.

The patch is Daytrana, which is methylphenidate. That’s the same as Ritalin and Concerta. (Not identical, as they all have different delivery mechanisms and stuff.) I don’t know much else about it, but I think some of my followers use Daytrana. Hopefully someone will share their experiences.



petrichorpoetry asked
So I was wondering if anyone else has this thing happen where you don't feel the need to fidget or anything while in a moving car? I was thinking maybe it has something to do with the fact that you're already moving and feeling the forces of acceleration and momentum so it's kind of calming...? Do you know anything about this? Or is it just me being weird?

I haven’t noticed anything myself, but that means nothing as I tend not to be aware of my own fidgeting.


Followers, what about you?