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I’m the anon who asked about whether or not I might have ADHD besides my PTSD

I just decided to add some more, but it’ll be too long for and ask…

First to answer your answer: The traumas were ongoing from the age of 4 to 12 and a half, thus leaving my PTSD fairly complex. I don’t know if I had any traumatic experiences before I was 4, but I know I at least had a few less comfortable. My parents divorced when I was 4 and I had to move with my mother, and she pretty much ruined my life. Besides her abusive parenting and drug and alcohol problems, I was also bullied at school and sexually abused outside the home. Aaand some stuff with the child welfare the times my mother got hospitalised (mental hospital, bipolar disorder) and me being sent to foster care while she was in as well as me having to “parent” my younger sister and take care of myself while looking after my mother’s illness. And other stuff here and there, and I’d guess a great amount of things I’ve just suppressed (approx. 5 years of my life after the long term memory started working is just gone).

I ended up with problems like self-harm, suicidal thoughts, depression, eating disorders, alcohol, PTSD (which includes: anxiety, trust issues, executive dysfunction, sleep problems, flashbacks, nightmares, etc because I forgot <- also a symptom) and a fucked up mind.

Executive dysfunction and concentration difficulties stick with both PTSD and ADHD, but feeling like there’s constantly whirlwinds raging inside me isn’t part of PTSD, I think? Because I’ve also got fatigue, which is from the PTSD, because it’s pretty exhaustive being constantly on red alert/fight-flight-freeze-mode. The whirlwind-restlessness crashes with the other stuff and it all just turn extremely confusing, like “I’d love to fly around all over with a schedule filled up to every second and just do-do-do-do-do-EVERYTHING” combined with “I just wanna hide in my bed and hide from all the triggers hide from the world hide from the fear stay alone and starve till I die so that this pain stops while hiding so that nothing happens and nothing triggers flashbacks nor panic attacks don’t-make-me-do-anything-else-than-hide-please-leave-me”. Confusing as fuck, and it ruins my potential. I would’ve skipped a grade/school year TWICE if it hadn’t been for this shit, the only reason I’ve got decent grades is that I score just underneath-in what would be rated as genius.

So I don’t know, this kind of just turned into me venting a little, hope it’s okay?

[This is fine! I’m not really sure what to suggest, but I know that some of my followers have been diagnosed with both PTSD and ADHD, so hopefully they will be able to offer some thoughts on this. To me it does sound like you may well have both; I just don’t know enough about PTSD or how it interacts with ADHD to be able to say more than that. -J]

Anonymous asked
I have an appointment with my GP and I'll be going by myself, and I want to talk to her about me getting tested for ADHD. I have done research into this and I have a lot of the symptoms, and my best friend suggested that it might be why I have the problems I do because they're similar to his struggles and he's been formally diagnosed. I'm a little nervous about bringing it up during the appointment, though, any tips for that?

There are a few ways you can bring it up (the “questioning if ADHD” tag will have some suggestions; you might also try “doctor questions”). You can say that you think you have ADHD and here’s why, or you can say you’ve been having these specific problems and you were wondering if it might be ADHD, or you can say that you were wondering if you could please get a referral for an ADHD assessment.


Followers, how would you bring up the subject?

allishinca asked
On brushing teeth! I keep a variety of weird toothbrush flavors in order to keep myself interested. I have bubblegum (made by Kid's Crest), Green Apple, Blueberry, and Watermelon (by GUM/Crayola), and Crest Be has a bunch of interesting flavors like mint chocolate, lime spearmint, and vanilla mint. I find swapping flavors helps keep me focused and motivated to brush.
Anonymous asked
for people who have difficulty remembering to brush their teeth, which then distresses them, there's these little disposable/one time use waterless toothbrushes that you could buy and carry with you, and then you could go and brush your teeth if you remember later during the day.
Anonymous asked
I also have problems remembering to brush my teeth, though for me it's only in the mornings when I'm getting ready for work and have about a million other things I'm trying to remember simultaneously. I'll get to the office and then kick myself for forgetting. What I've done is stick a post-it note on my bathroom mirror that says "brushed your teeth yet?" and that has helped the problem a lot.
socialblueberry asked
Thank you so much for this blog, words can't describe how helpful it is!

Aw, thanks, I’m so glad you find it useful!


Anonymous asked
Ah I am self dianosed and when I saw the hygeine thing it really clicked because its been a thing I constantly struggled with since middle school. Showering, brushing teeth and keeping my surroundings orderly. Im really glad I found this blog when I did. Its been so helpful!
Anonymous asked
but I never think that they would remember/recognize me and it makes things awkward some times cause I always assume that people don’t actually remember me. Is this a thing that occurs for other people too? (Also, I think this is really great that you run this blog so that we all have a space where we can talk about this stuff since information is so selective and frequently biased or wrong) (part 2 of 2). (Also part 1 was meant to be anonymous as well)

So I just kind of curious to see if this is an ADHD thing other people experience or not. My ADHD definitely manifests in many daydreams (and like the waking dreaming you were talking about previously) but it also means that I can be weirdly perceptive of other people because I’m able to bounce around on so many things I can take in the weird intricacies of people. Anyways, I guess my general question is that because of this I always feel that I would remember/recognize other people, (part 1)

This is backwards because part one was accidentally not anon.

I’m not sure that this particular thing (recognizing people but assuming they won’t recognize you) is specifically an ADHD thing. I do think that some of us are really good at noticing little things about other people, though.


Followers, do you relate to this?

Anonymous asked
Is being overly emotional or not being able to control your emotions a symptom of ADHD? Like crying uncontrollably or being angry/upset very easily?

I don’t believe it’s part of the diagnostic criteria, but it is definitely a thing that happens, because our frontal lobes aren’t so good at what they’re supposed to do, and one of those things has to do with managing our outward responses to emotions.

Tags for this subject include “emotions” and “volatility.”


Anonymous asked
Is it possible to have adhd without difficulty in concentrating in class or doing homework, but just have really bad organisational skills like turning homework in late and having a messy room?

I don’t know. I suppose it’s possible, since different environments can have an effect on how well our brains function.


Followers, what do you think?