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Terminology: "ADD" became part of "ADHD" with the DSM-IV (we are now up to V).

What this is: If you have (or think you have) ADHD, this is a place for you to get support, to get your questions answered, and to share your stories.

There is no judgment here. That doesn't mean we think whatever people do is just fine and totally okay, but it does mean that whatever you may have done in the past does not mean you are a horrible person. We will not shun you for your past. We try to meet you where you are at and encourage you to make your best decisions going forward.

We do not think that ADHD is a gift, we do think that it is a disability, though we also can see some positives to the condition. If you disagree with that you can share your opinion; we aren't only for people who agree with our view. We are working on a FAQ about the blog and about ADHD.

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Anonymous asked
Is there a correlation to ADHD and talking really quickly? Because I get people asking me to slow down all the time. If it is related, are there ways of fixing this? It's getting to the point where sometimes people can't understand me, and I don't want to be that annoying kid that's always yapping away in the back of the class. :/

I think some people do this. It’s actually a common characteristic of mania, but hyperactivity can often look a lot like mania.

I’m not sure how you can manage this, but I think some of my followers have talked about this problem so hopefully they will chime in and offer some advice!


Followers, how about it?

Anonymous asked
Hello, I've noticed that since I've been taking Ritalin (LA 40mg) that when I stop taking it for too long and go back on it, it takes a while for it to work properly again. Is this normal?

Yes, because when you go off it for a long time your body gets used to not having it around. So when you start up again, it’s like you’re starting from the very beginning again. If you do this often you may need to talk to your doctor about taking a smaller dose at first, to slowly get used to taking your regular dose again.


Anonymous asked
Do you know if there's a correlation between adhd and misophonia? I have inattentive adhd and misophonia, and i know a few other people as well that have both.

There is a correlation between ADHD and sensory processing differences, which of course includes misophonia. I’ve got misophonia myself!


Anonymous asked
Hey so I have been diagnosed with borderline ADHD and have self-diagnosed myself as autistic. Thing is I don't really know what is what when they overlap. For example when I am too stressed from not being able to follow my lectures in class, I shut down from it entirely and actually keep myself from listening further to keep myself from stressing further. Is this more of an ADHD thing or an autistic thing? (might also be an avoidance thing too I'm not sure)

I think it’s possible that the shutting down part is due to autism and the difficulty following the lecture is due to ADHD.

I don’t know how important it really is to be able to separate the two from each other. I have a friend who has ADHD, bipolar disorder, and OCD, and they can sometimes tell when a shared symptom is happening because of a particular disorder, but most of the time they don’t worry about why things are happening, just how to deal. :)


l-enfant asked
Hey! So I was reading on the Internet that ADHD can cause social dysfunction, i.e not being able to read social cues as well and interrupting during conversations, which sounds just like me, and I was wondering if any of the mods or followers experience the same thing?

Yup! I learned a lot of my social skills by talking with autistic people online. It was really helpful because a lot of them had to learn the same things I needed to learn. What does everyone else know that I don’t? is all about social skills and ADHD. It’s on our reading list and I definitely recommend it!


ihatesunriseonschooldays asked
Do you know how long rebound is supposed to last? Or does it vary from person to person? Sometimes I think I must be rebounding so it'll be over soon but then a while passes and I think 'is it over? am i feeling normal again? is this how I usually feel all the time?' Like I can tell the difference between how I am on the medicine when it's working and then when it has fully worn off but when I'm transitioning I can't tell whether I feel normal or bad (disorganised/emotional) or good (organised)

I think it depends on the person and the medication. One thing to remember is that our sense of time is pretty poor, so you may think a lot of time has passed when it’s only been a few minutes (and vice versa).


Followers, what are your experiences with rebound when your meds wear off at the end of the day?

takeforword asked
First Thank you! After being diagnosed later in life(39). The revaluation has been great and depressing. I am dealing with unresolved financial issues. Are there ways I can communicate/register with federal and state law to recognize my disability?

I’m not sure what the process is, but I’m sure it’s possible. For the state it probably depends on which state you’re in, but hopefully one of my followers will know the US federal process.

You might also like to check the ADA for information on how this works.


Anonymous asked
i take concerta and ive been on the same dose (36 mg) since like second grade. lately ive been feeling like it doesnt work as well as it used to - should i look into different doses or different meds or what?? like it worked for legit 10 years idk what's changed

There are a few reasons why it may not be working as well as it used to.

For example, your life is probably more stressful now than it was ten years ago. Heightened stress, dietary changes, changes in the amount of exercise you’re getting, and lack of sleep can all impact how well your medication works.

It’s also possible that you have developed tolerance for this dose of Concerta.

If you look at your stress levels and the other elements mentioned above, and nothing is out of whack, it’s probably tolerance and you should talk to your doctor about trying a different dose.


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Anonymous asked
Do ADHD meds help with anything other than being able to concentrate? Like would I be more likely to be able toremember my appointments (and just be less forgetful) and things like that?

ADHD medication impacts how your brain uses dopamine, so it should affect more than just focus.