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Terrific Tuesday

So, like, these are from last week because apparently I totally blanked on posting them and I only found them all on Friday and I feel so bad but anyway, here they are anyhow. -J

dark-thoughts-light-smile's Submission

I’m 16, I suffer with Innatentive ADHD. Sensory Processing Disorder and sever Anxiety Disorder and today, I had a phone interview for a job at the main hospital in my area today, it was the first job I ever applied for and I got the job on the spot. I’m so ridiculously proud right now.

chryzengoddess's Submission

I paid attention in church on Sunday! AND I sat still!

Anonymous’s Submission

I’ve managed to keep up with my seizure medicine consistently for awhile and managed to keep up with tasks like shopping using a shopping list.

These ones are all for today. -J

phipiohsum475's Submission

Today I had to give a presentation to a room full of doctors about some not terribly exciting material. But I do my best to be enthusiastic anyways. At several points mid-talk, I blurted out observations, such as liking one man’s bowtie, or being impressed with another’s crocheting skills, which typically garnered a laugh. Later, their admin told me that they’d really enjoyed my presentation, and she rarely hears them laugh during conferences.

's Submission

I finally built the Ikea cabinet that has been sitting boxed up in my living room! And I didn’t take any huge breaks in the middle, either, I just got through it.

's Submission

yesterday I went to a gift shop and purchased a notebook for writing down ideas when I am busy doing something important. That way I don’t get distracted by looking up how to learn sign language or something.


We’ll do it again next Tuesday. Please feel free to reblog and compliment the people who submitted their accomplishments. Remember, even if it’s a “small thing,” if it was a challenge for YOU, it counts and it matters, and we will want to hear about it next week!

Anonymous asked
Do ADHDers feel like they just wanna be alone or do the things by themselves? I hate to share what i'm doing with my parents and relatives and people in general, is like getting used to be alone. Besides i don't like people asking me about my personal issues. One of my aunts asked me last week if i was still a virgin and i was like, I don't wanna be rude but don't just ask me that stuff, not of your bussines lol

It sounds to me like you’re an introvert and have a strong sense of personal boundaries. That’s not really related to ADHD, though sometimes extroverted ADHDers can act like they’re introverts because it can be very overwhelming to deal with a lot of people all at once (so much noise and activity).

I’m an introvert and love spending time by myself. Doing that gives me the energy I need to be able to manage spending time with other people.


Anonymous asked
So today in the car I was talking to my friend and then all the sudden this song came on and I completely forgot I was talking about something with her and started talking about the song. My mom and her pointed it out (my mother has ADHD) and I didn't know I did it, at all. This is one of the signs of ADHD, right? I want to get tested, but my mom doesn't want them putting me on meds.

This kind of distraction is definitely a symptom of ADHD. Of course, you may not have ADHD.

Why doesn’t your mother want you to take medication? Does she realize that getting diagnosed doesn’t automatically mean medication? There are lots of non-medicinal treatments for ADHD, and if she’s against medication you can try some of them. Having a diagnosis will mean qualifying for accommodations at school, and that could be very helpful. It might be a good idea to show your mom the list of treatments and talk to her about why you would like to be tested for ADHD. If you’re okay with not taking medication, tell her that and let her know that you would like to try other things first but that you want to know one way or the other so you can access ADHD-specific things like coaching.


Followers, do you have any ideas for this anon?

Anonymous asked
I work for my mom and I've been told before it's not a "real" job, which is very frustrating. It just makes me feel worthless again. Any idea about what to say to these comments?

Is what you’re doing for your mom something she would hire someone else to do? If so, it’s definitely a real job. If you are working and getting paid, it’s a real job. If you are working, it’s a real job. (I would say that my cleaning house is a real job, though I don’t get paid money to look after my own home.)

When someone says this to you, tell them that it’s a real job to you and you’re doing actual work, so their opinion is unnecessary.


Followers, what would you say in this situation?

chaosphaere replied to your post “Is it common for people with ADHD to have obsessive thoughts and obsessions without it being OCD?”

How would you say ADHD hyperfocus is different from the autistic variety? Because I have unusually intense interests but notice a difference between myself and autistic people about our interests

That’s a good question. I mean, I still talk about perseverating on things, which is similar to hyperfocus but to me it doesn’t function in quite the same way. Perseverations are more long-term to me; hyperfocus is more “in the moment” and more difficult to get out of.

I perseverated on autism for several years (over a decade). I continue to perseverate on guinea pigs (to varying degrees), ADHD, and writing. I have perseverated on Celtic knots. I hyperfocus on the internet and on reading. Does that make sense?


How do other people experience hyperfocus vs perseveration? If you’re autistic, do you notice a difference between how you experience intense interests compared to how ADHDers you know might experience the same thing?

Anonymous asked
Does anyone else get really angry when a small thing happens and it didn't happen exactly as you'd planned? Like doing the laundry, bunning up your sucks and miss, shooting them into the basket. Gotten violently angry over that, never do anything tho

This is a pretty common thing and it’s related to executive dysfunction (yes, executive functioning helps us control our emotions, too). ADHDers are often described as having quick tempers, but our fuses also often are really short-burning. So we’ll explode, but once we’ve exploded we’re good and we aren’t angry anymore.


Anonymous asked
Is procrastination part of ADHD?

Yes. Procrastination is often caused by executive dysfunction. Executive functioning is what lets us make and follow plans, change activities, focus on specific things, and a bunch of other stuff. When that breaks down, it’s called executive dysfunction (we have a post about it linked from the Popular Questions and Posts page, see the sidebar). Procrastination is basically due to either a failure to plan or a failure to follow the plan. Sometimes it’s due to an inability to get started or to change activities. Whatever the reason for procrastination, it’s one of those things that happens all the time if you have ADHD.


Anonymous asked
I feel like whenever I get closer to my period, my ADHD (among other things) gets worse. I only get mood swings, but does anyone else feel this way?

We’ve definitely talked about this before; you can see our discussion in the “menstruation” tag.

Sari Solden has written about this in Women with Attention Deficit Disorder, but it’s not been studied a whole lot because people actually believe that hormones have no effect on mood - seriously, there are people (doctors, even) who think PMS is fake - and don’t affect how our ADHD symptoms present. (I suspect that most of the people who think this are people who do not menstruate and who do not work with ADHDers who menstruate.)


Anonymous asked
We cannot reclaim cr*zy, ret**d, ins*ne, or m*d. I'm not sure what else off the top of my head but in the case of informing others we should be censoring them and probably be tagging stuff with those words as ableist language and ableist slurs.

I do tag these posts with “slurs” and “ableism”; if people writing in would censor slurs that would be cool and fine by me. So if people don’t want to see stuff with slurs in, you need to black list “slurs” and you should be good to go, because that will always be on posts like this (or should be; if I miss one I hope someone will let me know so I can fix it).


Anonymous asked
To your previous anon: not everyone even sees ADHD as a disability. I know this blog does, but not everyone has to. It might be empowering to consider it such, to distance yourself from your problems, but personally I just see it as a part of me. Differently abled, perhaps, but not disabled.