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I know that lots of people with ADHD have misophonia, but I feel like it’s also possible to have sound-related sensitivity issues with ADHD without necessarily having misophonia. Like, I don’t have trouble with most common incidental noise that isn’t loud. But I can’t think clearly, read, or write if there’s talking, or music within hearing range, simply because I can’t filter it out. And my synesthesia things make certain normal pitches/types of sounds really physically uncomfortable. Examples of this:

  • Metal things hitting metal things, or other hard stuff, like metal silverware hitting a plate loudly, feels like the air in me and around me is getting violently torn to pieces. Or, when the sound is clearer/quieter, it’s like everything’s getting sliced open. 
  • Accidental flat notes in music literally feel flat, confining, like the sound is a person and they’re talking with their nose plugged, or someone’s pushed their head below water. 
  • Accidental sharp notes are sharp, and break through at the top of the sound; like sound is writing on something flimsy, but their pen accidentally rips through it. And sound was writing on paper in my ear and so then it’s like “Ow! Don’t poke me there.” 
  • Lots of drilling/scraping sounds, feel as if my hands/skin are having to scrape down whatever rough surface is involved. Drawing with sidewalk chalk is a disgusting sound/texture combination on a variety of levels. I hate basically everything about sidewalk chalk. 
  • And so on, and so on. I just physically simulate whatever the contact the sound implies, which is really freaky sometimes. The metal-reverberating-impact sounds, particularly, feel painful and terrifying.

And so sometimes sounds make me feel uncomfortable because I feel them physically. And then other times, sounds interfering with my ability to think, talk, read, or write trigger my hella low frustration tolerance and make me really, really agitated. People randomly deciding to have a conversation nearby when I’m trying to read makes me want to scream. So I’d definitely say that my sound problems are related to my ADHD, but I’m under the impression that neither the synesthesia nor the processing/frustration are the same thing as misophonia? Is that accurate?

It sounds accurate to me.

I don’t have synaesthesia, but I do have auditory discrimination and filtering problems, and I do distinguish between my misophonia and general “noise is making it hard to think” irritation.

Misophonia is usually triggered by really specific sounds. My biggest one is eating (anything; the sounds of people chewing, even soft foods, raise my anxiety levels to beyond bearable).

But there’s also that thing where auditory filtering just doesn’t work, and I can’t keep others’ conversations from distracting me, or I can’t choose which sounds to focus on. That makes me irritable and frustrated, but not anxious the way my misophonia triggers do.

Does that help clarify things a bit?


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    just a few points … 1) ADHD doesnt make you immune from anything. 2) misophonia on its own is not at all likely to be...
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    this is my life :( sensory processing disorder is a very common comorbidity with ADHD. The neurologist David Eagleman...
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    If it helps, here’s what misophonia makes me feel: When I hear the trigger sound, I hyperfocus on the sound and I hate...
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