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Terminology: "ADD" became part of "ADHD" with the DSM-IV (we are now up to V).

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Anonymous asked
I have a problem about watching movies and Reading and doing things in general. I have to re-do what i'm doing in order to get the information. For example in movies, to really appreciate it i have to watch it twice. I don't know if it's ADHD but i'm getting really worried because thinking about it now, i have had the same problem since many many years ago. I feel so slow and i hate being like that, in fact, i like to do the things ASAP, even when i have extra time idk why :s

It’s a processing thing for the reading and movies; doing it twice helps you process it so you understand it better.

Liking to do things ASAP is very common as well; we don’t have a lot of patience, we like stimulation, and we’re generally people of action who don’t have a lot of patience for bureaucracy and red tape.

The trick is figuring out how to be okay with needing extra time to process stuff when you’re someone who likes doing things quickly.


Followers, do you have this problem?

  1. kitten-soul answered: Yes. Especially reading. But I am mostly incapable of watching a movie or TV with any background noise. I usually re-watch episodes.
  2. zordoncalling said: That’s one if my problems with being an Adult. I want to be polite and kind to people, but it’s bullshit that I have to put up with so much bureaucracy. I recently had to get my license renewed…. boy! Lemme tell you the difficulties I had!
  3. 2trichy4u said: YES!!! I will read the while page quickly, then realize that I didn’t process anything I just read so I have to read everything over again a couple times before it processes in my brain. It’s very frustrating sometimes.
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    I have this problem when watching some tv episodes
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    Abso-freaking-lutely!For school I figured out pretty early (before I got diagnosed actually) that the only way I can...
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